About Me


I am a Louisville, KY area devops engineer currently working for Neustar, Inc. I utilize Agile methodologies, Continuous Integration, and Amazon Web Service's cloud offerings to create websites and web applications. I specialize in PHP programming but also have experience working with Java, Golang, and C# .NET.

I have extensive experience working with the Amazon Web Services cloud. I have successfully migrated dozens of applications from the data center into the cloud. I have also architected many applications from the ground up to take advantage of the scalability, elasticity, and high availabilty that AWS can provide.

In December of 2014 I graduated from the University of Louisville Speed School of Engineering with a Master's degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. While not specifically concentrating in any area, I have tended to load up on database, data mining, data warehouse, and distributed systems classes. I have had one paper published with IEEE for a conference, one paper published in a special edition journal, and one paper accepted as a chapter in a book.


Whenever I'm not working on websites or academic projects/papers I have several hobbies that keep me busy. The biggest one of these is my photography, which I have been doing since 2007. I usually stay away from human subjects and prefer landscapes, architecture, and other nature shots. Having done photography for so long I also have a great working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and the CS suite in general, which comes in handy on work projects occasionally.

Another major hobby of mine is electrical engineering and playing with circuits and the Arduino microcontroller. I have made infrared trigger time-lapse rigs for my camera to do astrophotography, a prototype interactive pong table, and an internet connected server panic button that would execute a script on a remote server whenever it was pressed. Along these lines I also have a ham radio license (K5QO), and like to occasionally get on the airwaves with the digital modes.

Other random hobbies I have dabbled with in the past few years include motorcycle and automotive restoration, woodworking, and leatherworking.