Blackberry Playbook: Earthquakes

This app displays USGS earthquake data for all earthquakes of magnitude 2.5+ in easy to understand rows and maps. The earthquake information is pulled from the USGS web service

Choose a magnitude range, click submit, and view the earthquakes! You can sort based on Region, Magnitude, Depth, and Date/Time. You can also click on an earthquake and display a map showing where the earthquake occurred, and extra details the USGS gives for it.

Blackberry Playbook: US Travel Notices

This app pulls live United States State Department Travel Warnings and Alerts from their web service.

Android: Beer/Store Finder

Created as part of a proposal to Yuengling brewery and then later Case Knives, this mobile application has two components. The first is the actual mobile interface and the second is a RESTful web application that serves up data to the mobile GUI.

Unfortunately this application was not picked up by either company.

Diminishing Returns and Recursive Self Improving AI

Chapter in Springer's The Technological Singularity: Managing the Journey due out in 2nd quarter 2017

Information about this book can be found on the Springer website

Hadoop Cluster Setup at University of Louisville

Physically set up and installed a 64-bit Cloudera managed Hadoop cluster in the University of Louisville's Database Research Lab

AI Safety Engineering Through Introduction of Self-Reference Into Felicific Calculus via Artificial Pain and Pleasure

Paper Presented At IEEE International Symposium on Ethics in Engineering, Science, and Technology

Global Catastrophic Risk and Security Implications of Quantum Computers

Paper published in a special edition of Futures Journal dealing with Global Catastrophic Risk (GCR)

For access to the paper and more information about the Journal, you can visit ScienceDirect

DOI: 10.1016/j.futures.2015.02.006

Diminishing Returns and Recursive Self Improving AI

Submitted for publication as a chapter in Springer's Singularity Hypothesis Vol. II due out in 4th quarter 2015

Information about Vol I can be found on the MIRI or Springer websites

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